Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: How do I download? I placed an order but didn’t get a download link.
Answer: If you ordered an instant download then your download link(s) will appear on the order confirmation screen after payment has been processed, normally after several seconds. Your order details and download link(s) will be sent to you by email at the same time. If ordering a non-instant download, we will send your download link(s) by email once your order is ready.

If you don’t appear to have received an order confirmation email, please check your email’s junk or spam folder as many emails end up there in error. Some email systems filter email messages and may delete emails it thinks are junk or spam. Also, it’s possible the email address given when ordering was misspelt, so in this case your order details won’t reach you.

If you still don’t have the email with your download details, please contact us with your order details. Please see our Help Page for help with downloads.


Question: Can I buy these printed?
Answer: Yes, we can supply these printed as well as a download from our other website at HistoryofNames.uk or NameHistory.uk. However, printed products may not be available for posting to all countries. Also see our More Products page.


Question: Can you supply these for any surname?
Answer: You can order for any surname not available as an instant download from us here. We can normally supply or create these for most surnames, but if you’re looking for a rare name or a name that is not British or Irish, there might be too little information to create these for some surnames. Please contact us with the name and optional country of origin so we can check this.


Question: What’s the best way to print these?
Answer: Please see our Help Page for download and printing details. We find that matt photo paper at the highest print setting is best for products with an included parchment background, or a plain paper or parchment paper at standard or normal quality print setting for products with a white or no background.


Question: Can I order for a specific surname country of origin?
Answer: You can from our order page here, but please see above (‘Can you supply these for any surname?‘).


Question: Can I order with a specific coat of arms image? The coat of arms image shown on your product image is different to the one I’d like.
Answer: There are often more than one coat of arms for the same surname (some have dozens), so you can order for your choice of surname and coat of arms image from us here. Please provide the required coat of arms (or family crest) image details when ordering. We also recommend you contact us first to check.


Question: When I order how long will it take before I can download?
Answer: Instant download orders will normally be available to download as soon as your payment has been processed, which can take several seconds. If ordering with a bank transfer payment your download(s) will be available as soon as we have received and verified the payment.

Non-instant download orders are often made to order and will need to be processed manually, so please allow time for processing. The current processing time will be shown on the order page for your choice of surname but this is normally within hours, the same day, or occasionally up to 1-2 days at very busy times.


Question: Do you sell other surname and coats of arms products?
Answer: Yes, please see our More Products page for details.


Question: Are there any other backgrounds available for these?
Answer: You can order from our other page here and choose any of the available background options. This is currently ancient parchment, plain parchment or plain white (no background).


Question: Can I print or get these in other sizes?
Answer: Please see our More Products page for details. Printed products from us are available in the standard A4 and A3 sizes depending on the product. We can also supply downloadable products in other sizes, such as US Letter (instead of A4) and 17×11 inches (instead of A3), and again this depends on the product.

If your question isn’t covered here, please contact us with any other product related questions for a quick response.